Bored With The Same Old Curtains? Get Plantation Window Shutters For A Quick Revamp!

download (3)Are you bored with venetian blinds that look so good when they are new, but wear out easily? Curtains can be a pain with their elaborate cleaning routines, not to forget that they don’t last forever. What don’t we do to keep our houses looking good? And how we wish, they stayed that way for a long time too. Here’s something for those who want to add long-lasting beauty to their windows. Take a look at this site for more ideas.

Welcome to the world of plantation window shutters. They don’t just replace your curtains; they give your windows a total make-over. So whether you want them for privacy or to control the amount of light coming in or just to add style and elegance to your interiors, these are your best bet.

You can choose from materials ranging from wood, faux wood, vinyl and even aluminum. These shutters come with slats called louvers that can be opened and closed just like your regular blinds. You can choose one that fits your style from full height ones that cover the window fully or café style ones that cover the lower half only. For those who want the best of both worlds, a tier on tier would be ideal as the fully covered window can be opened as top and bottom units independent of each other. They can also be custom-made to fit different sizes and shapes. At prices starting from only $20/square feet, you can easily invest in these long-term beauties and have a peace of mind.


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